By Simon Clark

ISBN-10: 144821470X

ISBN-13: 9781448214709

Video scriptwriter Richard younger is asking ahead to per week at domestic along with his spouse and their little daughter. He thinks it's going to be a delightful time of barbecues and lazy summer time days. It isn't. it will likely be hell.

Because the stranger who arrives at their domestic, begging to be pushed to the closest police station, is being hunted. Hunted via whatever that can not be noticeable, can't be heard—yet which has the ability to maneuver around the land crushing flat every little thing in its course. Stalking and killing remorselessly.

Within mins, Richard younger, his relatives and the stranger (who isn't the blameless sufferer he turns out) are being pursued relentlessly by way of a malignant occult strength that kilos and pulps its sufferers just like the Hammer of God itself...Darker, first released in 1996, is one other gripping horror from Simon Clark.

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Several members of the group of survivors instinctively looked towards Phil Croft for an answer to their obviously unanswerable question. The fact that everyone seemed to still assume that he knew more than they did because he was medically trained never ceased to infuriate and frustrate him. ’ he snapped. ‘Bloody hell, I’m getting sick of this. ’ Annoyed and tired, Croft swung himself around in his seat and pushed open the motorhome door with his feet. ’ he asked. ‘Carry on,’ Michael said quietly.

Donna Yorke was at a table nearby talking to Clare Smith, Jack Baxter and Phil Croft. As the couple began to eat Croft looked up and around and nodded at Michael. ‘Morning,’ Michael said as he chewed on his first mouthful of dry and tasteless rationed food. ’ ‘Good,’ Croft replied, wheezing. He took a long drag on a cigarette and coughed. ‘You should think about giving those things up,’ Michael muttered sarcastically, ‘won’t do your health any good. ’ Croft grimaced as he coughed and then managed a fleeting smile.

Baxter baulked. ‘No,’ Cooper replied. ’ said Croft. ’ asked Donna. Cooper shrugged his shoulders. ‘Don’t know,’ he replied. ‘I’m just guessing here. It might have just been coincidence or a fluke that they found themselves close to the entrance. ’ ‘You’ve got a point though,’ Baxter agreed, now completely serious, ‘You would have expected all of them to head for the personnel carrier and the soldiers in the field. ’ Several members of the group of survivors instinctively looked towards Phil Croft for an answer to their obviously unanswerable question.

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