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Anal ysis of k i nship n tenns h as indeed produced n umerou s insights pertaining to fami ly and k inship i cularly in n on i nd ustri al societies . These insi ghts refer pri m ari ly struc tu re , part to the sem antic dimensions underl ying a tab le of organization of kinship relationshi ps . ollateral ­ i ty , the d i stinction between a scending and descending generations , bifurca­ tion versu s mer ger by relative 's gender, and so on (Murdock , 1 949) . Anthro po logists have uncovered numerous correlations between kinship ter­ minology and table of organ i z ati on .

Uces The pe rs i stence of ttaditional kinship models in contemporary law s uggests still expres s a mean ingfu l dimension in the life of modem that the se models . The appropriate nes s of a k i nsh ip model apparen tly does not depe nd soc iety pri m arily upon degree of industrialization or modernity; rather it seem s to rely more upon the place of kinship in the particular cultural context. By examin­ in g the historic al conditions in which each ki n sh ip model has e merged , we should be ab le to infer the kinds of functions kinship is expected to pl ay :;on .

To assure that the continu ity of the tribe or family , The Babylonian Talmud (Epstein, 1 93 5 , II , p . 474) propo ses that: that none of the l ine survi ve s . enquiries the paternal side , and are carri ed on in the case of the descending line ) , unti l Once it has been definitely established are instituted in an ascend ing order , on from father ( i nc l ud ing their heirs , the first ancestor of the as tribe is reached . The �\1ishnah then establishe s the princ i p le for the order of inheritance an Judai c law : This is the general rule: The lineal succession take precedence .

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