By Jose M Martinez-Zapater, Julio Salinas

This accomplished selection of present and crucial protocols comprises many simply reproducible equipment built to be used with Arabidopsis - a process for imminent basic questions in plant biology. The tools diversity from the fundamentals of starting to be those crops to stylish gene cloning recommendations and will, in lots of instances, even be utilized to different plant species with minor adjustments. Sections on genetics, transformation and gene expression research which are in particular worthwhile to scientists all for mutant research or generating and reading transgenic vegetation.

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3. Methods The following protocol is for a single Arabidopsis seedling (1 O-l 2-d-old). A 10X scaled-up version works quote well for up to 5 g of plant tissues. A modified mlcropreparatlon protocol IS also described (see Note 1). 1 Freeze a single plant (100-300 mg) in llqmd N, (see Notes 2-4). Grind to a very fine powder m a precooled (-70°C) mortar and pestle (see Notes 5 and 6). 2 Transfer the powder with liquid N2 to a 40-mL Oak Ridge tube. 67 mL 5Mpotasslum acetate (no need to adJust pH) and shake vigorously.

42 Ma thur and Koncz 2. , Szabados, L. and Koncz, C. (1995) A sample method for tsolation, hquid culture, transformation and regeneration ofArabzdopszs thalzana protoplasts Plant Cell Rep 14,22 L-226 3 Wenck, A. R and Marton, L (1995) Large-scale protoplast rsolatton and regeneration of Arabidopm thalrana. Blo/Technzques 18,640-643 4 Damm, B. and Wtllmitzer, L (1988) Regeneration of fertile plants from protoplasts of dtfferent Arabzdopsrs thallana genotypes. Mel Gen & Genet 213, 15-20 5. Murashtge, T.

From Methods m Molecular Bfology, Vol 82 Arabrdopsrs Protocols Edlted by J Martmez-Zapater and J Salmas 0 Humana Press Inc , Totowa, 37 NJ Ma thur and Koncz 32 The method described here utilizes root explants that can be cultured and efficiently regenerated m large quantities The described technique can be applied equally well for the Arabidopsis ecotypes Columbia, C24, RLD, and Wassilewsklja. Without changing the general protocol, some slight alterations may be required for other ecotypes or mutants of Arabidopsls 2.

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