By Viktor G. Berezkin

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ISBN-13: 9781468407112

The so much common and powerful approach for the research of advanced multicomponent combinations of unstable elements is gasoline chromatography. in spite of the fact that, there are many boundaries asso­ ciated with the classical edition of this method which retard its improvement and the extra growth of its program: 1) the identity of the parts of a fancy combine­ ture of unknown composition is in itself a posh and tough challenge, except the homologous sequence of the part of be pointed out is understood; 2) the overlapping of chromatographic peaks for a number of compounds makes it tricky, and in a few situations most unlikely, to hold out qualitative and quantitative research of those elements, and results in the need of utilizing a number of columns of other polarities or to using columns with very excessive potency; three) the direct research of volatile and nonvolatile compounds is very unlikely; four) the trouble of quantitative chromatographic research utilizing thermal conductivity detectors raises with the need of picking person reaction (calibration) components; the insensitivity of the flame ionization detector to a couple of elements (inorganic gases) ends up in the need of introducing extra operations (prelimi­ nary focus of hint elements) in reference to thermal conductivity detectors. vii viii FOREWORD The directed use of chemical conversion of the compounds analyzed often makes it attainable to take away the constraints mentioned above.

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Therefore, in the case of a large sample, the width of the chromatographic zone after the column (1)0) will be equal to the sum of the widths of the initial zones (1)p) and a single chromatographic zone (1)B): 'YJo='YJp+'YJg" (26) Keeping in mind that H = ~(l)2 16 t (27) (where L is the column length and t is the retention time), the following approximate equation can be obtained which relates the change in the height equivalent to a theoretical plate (H) to the change in the initial width of the sample: (28) 39 REACTOR EFFECT OF CHROMATOGRAPHY Equation 28 agrees with the experimental data given by Purnell and Sawyer [33].

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Differ greatly from the starting compounds in their chromatographic characteristics (see, for example, [3]); this can be used for the qualitative and quantitative analysis 53 54 ANALYSIS OF COMPLEX MIXTURES of the complex mixtures. Therefore many studies have been devoted to the use of hydrogenation and dehydrogenation of different organic compounds in their identification. Keulemans and Voge [4] studied in detail the dehydrogenation of Cs - Cs naphthenes on a platinum - alumina catalyst (pt on A1 20 3) • The dehydrogenation was carried out at 350°C in a hydrogen atmosphere used as the carrier gas.

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