By Kenneth Munson

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Most of these ailments were treated with a few days in a field Casualties await their turn at a dressing station. During major offensives, thousands would be packed into fields and tents, whilst overworked doctors tried to deal with the most serious cases. Many men were evacuated with their wounds still covered by field dressings, although most regarded any form of 'Blighty' wound as a godsend. (Courtesy Trustees of Royal Armouries) hospital followed by 'light duty' for a week or so. Bad stomach problems were common, generally caused by drinking polluted water from shellholes.

Five-pouch, 100-round, leather bandoleer, typto artillery and mounted units - a nine-pouch also issued. (Author's collection) there wasn't a regiment that didn't have its resident clique of near-professional gamblers. One of the most popular games was Crown and Anchor, which, although discouraged, was seldom officially prohibited. Card games of all sorts were popular. Irish soldiers in particular were renowned for their willingness to bet on anything, and an oftrepeated tale tells of two men standing in the open during an intense artillery bombardment betting on when a particular landmark would be hit.

We have been taking our water from a shellhole behind, and were surprised to find that the boot sticking out of it was still attached to a German. ' One serious problem was that of 'trench foot', a form of gangrene brought about by having constantly wet feet exacerbated by poor circulation. It was actually considered a crime to contract it, and an afflicted soldier could be punished. Various remedies were tried, including issuing whale oil, which was to be rubbed into the 49 A good illustration of typical 'funk' holes'.

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